Attract More Visitors

If you don’t have a mobile-optimised (responsive) web design then you are missing out on a lot of potential customers. A responsive web design adapts automatically to the device screen size. Be it desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone the design will fit perfectly.

Responsive Mobile Website Design

Improved Experience and Engagement

No longer are there any awkward redirects, long waiting times or unfamiliar experiences for the user.  A well-designed mobile website is a consistent experience working across all devices increasing your customer’s engagement and time spent on your website.

Improved Mobile Experience

SEO-Friendly and Increased Visibility

Google’s recommended mobile format is responsive design. This means that you are increasing your website’s chances of appearing higher in the search engine result pages. It also means that your website caters local searches on mobile devices.

SEO Friendly

Building for the future

In 2013, 28% of all Internet users used their mobile phone to access the Internet. Trends suggest that by 2015 more people will be using their mobile phone than a traditional computer to browse the Internet. Don’t miss out on this huge audience, and make sure your website is mobile ready.

Mobile Website Traffic Growth