12 million Australians can’t be wrong

There are currently 12 million Australians using Facebook every month. This is an enormous audience that your business can market to.  We can setup your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + Profiles and create targeted advertising campaigns to gain new customers.

Social Network Marketing

Targeted Marketing

Want to send a promotion only to engaged females aged 25-35? No problem. Facebook targeted marketing allows your business to promote to a specific audience to ensure your message is communicated perfectly. Rather than sending a flyer to every house and hoping for the best, we can send a targeted campaign with detailed statistics to ensure your maximum return on investment.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Send beautifully designed emails – no coding required

Email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective method to stay in touch with your customers and expand your audience. Create beautifully designed mobile-friendly email campaigns, without needing to know a single line of code.

Email Marketing

Detailed Analytics

See who’s opening, clicking and sharing your email campaign and social announcements in real-time. Link your campaigns to Google Analytics for detailed reporting and performance reports.